We're now called AudioLabs 🥳 🥼

Read what made us realize social audio is much more than Clubhouse and what mission AudioLabs is determined to achieve

Tomer Dean
August 24, 2021

I’m happy to publicly introduce AudioLabs to the world.


  • We’re now called AudioLabs and not Clubmarket
  • AudioLabs is laser-focused on leading the social audio monetization space
  • We’re building tools for social audio creators to turn their hobby into a business
  • AudioLabs is platform-agnostic which supports various audio platforms such as Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces

We’re now called AudioLabs

As tech founders with more than a couple startups on our belt, we strongly believe in launching quickly and running lean. We initially launched Clubmarket, a Clubhouse marketplace concept on ProductHunt several months ago. Since then more than 150 advertisers and 500 creators have joined our waiting list. We spent several months validating the core business and understanding how sponsorship & advertising works in live audio. Our conclusion is that the opportunity is much larger than we originally thought. Other social audio apps have made progress and the landscape has grown beyond Clubhouse. This makes AudioLabs a more fitting name to support this change.

Tools to support content creators

While our original goal was a marketplace to facilitate matching creators with paid brand sponsorships, we understood that is only part of the solution. For social audio monetization to reach maturity, various tools need to be developed to handle analytics, segmentation, performance tracking, repurposing content and community outreach. We intend to build these tools and offer them as a suite of inter-connected products that empower creators to turn their hobby into a business. Stay tuned for various creator tools we will be launching in the near future.

We’re platform-agnostic - supporting apps such as Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces

We’re bullish on social audio as a format - it’s new, fresh and connects people in a way few social media channels do. But many open questions remain: who will dominate social audio? Will there be one winner or will each social media own a different segment? Will creators have profiles on multiple apps? Only the future holds the answers. We aren’t betting on any specific player and instead are supporting social audio as a format. The tools & marketplace we’re building will overtime support multiple platforms as each reaches maturity.

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