Introducing 1st Batch of Clubhouse Creators

Official List of 25 Clubmarket Creators. Includes the #1 Largest Club + Total Reach of 1.5M Users

Tomer Dean
April 14, 2021

After early signups were open for the past few weeks, I'm happy to announce we're releasing our first batch of Clubhouse Creators on Clubmarket! We received over 500+ applications from Creators.

The batch includes 25 Clubhouse Creators who own active clubs on the platform. These clubs vary in topic, size and audience.

Clubmarket Creator 25 List


Club # FollowersTopicsCreator
Human Behaviour (Sponsor)459,000πŸ¦„ Startups πŸ§€ Psychology 🍎 HealthDr. Sohaib Imtiaz MD
Womxn In Business310,000πŸ¦„ Startups πŸ‘©πŸ»‍🀝‍πŸ‘©πŸΏ Women 🏹 EntrepreneurshipChristina Holder
Tech News6,500πŸ¦„ Startups πŸ“° Current Events ⏳ The FutureTyler Crowley
Sustainability87,000🌦 Climate πŸ‘₯ Social Issues  ⏳ The FutureSara Essa
Design With Purpose (Sponsor)151,000πŸ“± Product 🎏 Design ⏳ The FutureM.J. Zilla
Dear Young Queen96,000πŸ‘­Women🍷 Bring a Drink ✨ Meet People Ashley Weatherspoon
The Digital Marketing Launge (Sponsor)30,000πŸ“ˆ Marketing πŸ“Ž Small Biz 🏹 EntrepreneurshipFathiya Fousseni
Casting Directors!5,000πŸ“Ί Television 🎞️ Movies Rose Rosen, CSA
TheFutureParty (Sponsor)14,000⏳ The Future 🏹 Entrepreneurship Paul Yurick
Doggy Lover14,000β˜•οΈ Support ✨ Meet People Christine Young + Laura Nativo
ClubPod (Sponsor)54,000🍏 Education πŸ‘‹ Clubhouse Steve Olsher
Social Media Marketing Trends19,000🌈 Instagram 🎡 TikTok Josie Eacho
The Best You (Sponsor)2,000πŸƒ Mindfulness β˜•οΈ SupportVictoria Winterford
Tech + AI + Math = Future38,000πŸ₯½ VR/AR 🧠 AI Andrew Choi
Hey Girl You Can (Sponsor)23,000πŸ‘­ Women 🌱 Networking Tara Geraghty
The Art Of Dating (Sponsor)1,600🧢 Relationships ✨ Meet People Evelyne Remy
Good Girl Gone Green2,100🍏 Education πŸƒ Mindfulness Stephanie Moram
Watch Club (Sponsor)2,800πŸ‘˜ Fashion 🎏 Design Mohamed Muraj
What Are You Reading?87,000πŸ“š Books 🍏 Education Regina Walton
The Songwriters Hub8,500🎧 Music πŸ‘„ Celebreties Tracy Durrant
The Matrix18,000πŸ“± Product πŸ• Engineering ☁️ SaaS Manny Mand
Food Growers United13,000🍏 Education 🍎 Health 🌽 Nutrition Brandon Lester
Power of Art68,000πŸ‘₯ Social Issues 🌊 Art 🎫 Performances Tatiana El-Khouri⁣
Data Science & Sports on Clubhouse8,000🧠 AI 🎱 Math ⚾️ Baseball Deandra Whitby
Women Watching Sports Live4,700πŸ€ Basketball 🏈 Football ⚾️ Baseball Ashley Grigsby

Interested in sponsoring one of these clubs? You can click the Sponsor link next to their names on the chart above and book a meeting. If there is no Sponsor link next to their name, fill out the brand form and mention the club name under "why are you here".

Several clubs in the batch have already been signed with brand sponsorships. The rest will be signed up in the upcoming several weeks.

Clubmarket Creators enjoy the following benefits:

1. Sponsorship. Since launching, over 100 brands who believe in the future of social audio have joined our mission to support content creators. These brands are seeking creators who can introduce their audience to their brands and ideas. We connect creators with brands for paid sponsorship deals. See Clubhouse sponsorship types.

2. Sponsorship Pages. As our first members on the marketplace, each Creator will be given an individual sponsorship page. The goal is to help brands who are curious about sponsorship to easily learn more and book this creator. Critical information such as average room listeners and KPIs are provided in real-time.

If you see URLs within a Clubhouse bio that looks like the following, you can know that is an official Clubmarket Creator:


I want to sponsor one of the Clubs, how do I proceed?
For some of the creators, you can click the Sponsor link next to their names on the chart above and book a meeting. If there is no Sposnor link next to their name, fill out the brand form and mention the club name under Why are you here: Other.

When will more creators be onboarded?
Over the next few weeks we will onboard more batches into the platform on a rolling basis. Not all creators will be onboarded.

Will everyone get accepted?
No. Many creators may not yet be at the point where brand sponsorships is relevant. Over time, we'll be able to onboard more and more creators.

Which types of brand sponsorships can you expect?
The range of brands who have applied to take part are very diverse. DTC brands, B2B SaaS, Consumer, Apps, Services, CPG. You name it.

How can I register to receive a Sponsorship page?
You can send an early access application through this link. Once you're in, you'll receive an SMS with further instructions.

How much money can you earn from sponsorships
Like most things in life, that depends. We're expecting our creators to earn at least $5,000-$10,000 a month from brand sponsorships.


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