Clubhouse recordings is now live 🔴 🎙

Today we’ve released a new tool that will allow Clubhouse creators to record live rooms.

Ran Alter
September 13, 2021

Great news! Today we’ve released a new tool that will allow Clubhouse creators to record live rooms. Room recordings was the #1 most requested feature from interviews we’ve conducted with social audio creators.


  • AudioLabs has released a tool for recording rooms on Clubhouse
  • Recordings were one of the most requested features from social audio creators
  • The tool automatically records all Club rooms and sends you the audio file after the room is completed
  • The tool is available to beta creators and will be expanded in the next few weeks

Why do creators want room recordings?

1. Increase audio content lifespan

Our audio creators spend a lot of time & resources creating live content. While hundreds or thousands of users enjoy this live content, it’s reach is limited. After the live session, the content is forgotten.

2. Reach audiences beyond your timezone

Clubhouse shows run at all hours of the day. Streaming live limits your reach to those users who can join which is usually a similar time zone. This means you’re missing out on a large audience that is unavailable. Not everyone loves staying up until 3AM.

3. Create and share snippets on social media / marketing assets

Many times during live events someone says something so witty and smart that you start nodding your head to yourself. You then realize you don’t have a recording to share with others and are bummed. Then you think how amazing it would be to have an audio recording of that answer. Imagine if you can repurpose these “gems” into content pieces that can live forever.

AudioLabs is making recording super-easy

Up to today, there is no reliable or simple way to record conversations on Clubhouse. You need to hook up complex hardware or use a second device which is very time-consuming and prone to issues. All that is part of the past. We’re making it super easy!

Once you activate the tool, it will record any scheduled event hosted on your club automatically. After the room is finished, you will be sent an email with the recording. You can instantly share the recording with your listeners or download it as a file. You decide what you want to do with the recording.

According to the Clubhouse terms of service, creators are required to get permission from all speakers before recording. You will need to add the red 🔴 in your room titles.

I want recordings! How do I join?

Today we’re launching the tool for Clubhouse creators on our beta program. In the next few weeks, we will expand it to all creators who have an active profile with AudioLabs. If you’d like to use this feature, you can create a free creator account today (available to creators with more than 500 followers on their club). We will notify relevant clubs when they can access the recording tool.

Open a creator account by clicking the Creator Signup button

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