Are Clubhouse Sponsorships Allowed?

Are Clubhouse sponsorships allowed? YES. The founders of CH have stated they are 100% supportive of helping creators earn money from brands

Tomer Dean
March 30, 2021

Are Clubhouse Sponsorships Allowed?

There are rumours that arranging paid sponsorships on Clubhouse are not allowed according to Clubhouse’s Terms of Service.

Lets dig deeper to find the truth.

The Terms of Service mention Clubhouse is meant for Personal Use and not Commercial Use. Due to the fact that this is vague, we decided to hear from the creators of Clubhouse regarding their intentions:

One of the Clubhouse founders, Paul Davison, was asked this question on a Townhall on March 28th, 2021.

“Can users work with sponsors to monetise their following?”

The short answer is YES.

It makes complete sense. Clubhouse’s mission is to give creators the power to control their audience and earn a living from it. By working with brands, creators can amplify their reach and enjoy earnings for their hard work.

Paul’s full answer:
“From our perspective, yeah I think that’s fantastic, I love that. I want creators to be able to make money. And if brands want to pay them to great conversations for people. I think that’s wonderful. And we see it happening organically, in a lot of different places today and I think that’s wonderful.”

Source: Clubhouse Townhall, March 28th, 2021, Summary on

There you have it.

If you’re a Clubhouse creator, this is encouraging news. You should use any method at your disposal to secure brand sponsorships. That is the reason we launched Clubmarket. Just make sure to understand your local laws regarding disclosing paid rooms.

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