All your audio recordings in one place 🙌

Today we’re introducing a new way for your club audience to listen to past rooms

Ran Alter
October 19, 2021

By using our room recording tool, a new unique page will be created for you. This page will house your club room recordings which can be easily shared with your audience! 📢

For all those DMs of users asking about past sessions - the audio recording page can become the go-to place for your audience whenever they want to find your content but can't join live.

TLDR on Why do creators want room recordings?

   ⏳  Increase your audio content lifespan

   🌎  Reach audiences beyond your timezone

   ✂️  Create and share snippets on other social media platforms

What's included in this new release

  • Page includes a list of all your room recordings
  • A link for becoming a sponsor
  • Share button - your audience can help you grow your club too!
  • Live room analytics (Coming Soon)

I want to share room recordings! What now?

Today we’re launching the tool for Clubhouse creators on our beta program. In the next few weeks, we will expand it to all creators who have an active profile with AudioLabs. If you’d like to use this feature, you can create a free creator account today (available to creators with more than 500 followers on their club). We will notify relevant clubs when they can access the recording tool.

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